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Bully Prevention

Are you being bullied?

Use the Double I/R method to find out:

I = Intentional -the act or actions are intentional; it's not an accident.
I = Imbalance- bullies seek out victims who they think can't defend themselves.
R = Repeated -the bullying act occurs more than once.

Arguments, confrontations and fighting happen between schoolmates. These are a normal part of growing up and learning social skills. Sometimes, however, these actions are bullying. An act of bullying is intentional, there is an imbalance and the act is repetitive. (Double I/R).

If you are being bullied, talk with a trusted adult or the "Web Links" below.

You can also let us know by clicking on the "Bullied? Speak Up" link that is on the bottom of our OLMS homepage

Web Links