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Welcome to Soar Land!
Welcome to our web site!  Hope you enjoy your visit!  

Be sure to explore the page below,all the links at left, and our district's gifted site for additional information and resources.  http://www.olentangy.k12.oh.us/district/pupilservices/gifted/index.html  

I also send out information that crosses my desk through an email group.  If you haven't received information through this group, and would like to be included, please email me at candyce_switzer@olsd.us
I'll be happy to add you to my email group!

Parent/teacher interaction is valuable! I hope this website will provide us with an additional way to stay in touch throughout the year.  I'm always trying to improve things, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!  

Before enrolling your child in any opportunity,
please, carefully check to make sure it is the right fit for your child.
Please note the Olentangy Local School District does not endorse any of these offerings
Opportunities for Enrichment

OLMS Chess Club

OLMS Chess Club meets once a week, every Tuesday at 3:15 p.m. in room 223. Meetings are not mandatory, but continued participation is strongly encouraged.   

Goals / Ranking –

Get better
  • Have fun
In order to reach these goals, students will be divided into three divisions:
Beginner 400-650
Intermediate 651-800
Experienced 801-1000
Advanced 1001+

Initial placement into divisions will be determined by a written tactics quiz. In addition, students will be given a mock FIDE rating (note this is not an accurate tournament rating). From time to time, students will be matched using this system. Through hard work, smart play, and practice, students can improve their rating and move out of one division into another.

Tactic Lessons –
The first ten to fifteen minutes of chess club will be dedicated to learning openings, material captures, and other strategies. Some days will have themes in which students practice a specific strategy or move.

Additional Practice -
Students may visit the link below for extra practice outside of chess club. The website is safe and free to use.

Schoology –
After students have filled out their contact information and have had a parent sign the slip bellow, they will receive an invite to OLMS chess club via Schoology. This helps me keep track of our numbers, participation, and allows easy dissemination of resources and weekly tactic lessons.

OLMS Chess Club Sign Up

I have read and reviewed the above guidelines for the OLMS chess club for the 2013-14 school year. I understand that chess club is once a week on Tuesday from 3:15-4:15p.m. in room 223. Meetings are not mandatory, but continued participation is strongly encouraged.   

Student name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent email: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent signature: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent Contact Number: ( _______) _____________ - ________________

National History Day is an annual contest that engages students in historical research using primary

Science Olympiad, one of the premiere science competitions in the nation, provides rigorous,
standards-based challenges to more than 530 teams in 48 states.

First Lego League (FLL) introduces children around the world to the fun and experience of solving
real-world problems by applying math, science and technology.

NUMATS - and other academic talent testing throughout the year
Northwestern University Academic Talent Search

NUMATS provides opportunities for students to experience above grade level testing and summer options.

NUMATS is a well-researched, best-practice program used by educators for the past 30 years. NUMATS enables gifted students to go beyond state-required or standardized grade-level tests.
You may sign your child up immediately using the http://www.ctd.northwestern.edu/numats/
Have questions? Learn about NUMATS through new features on the [UMATS web site such as interactive webinars (upcoming dates listed on the web site), voice-over PowerPoint presentations and an informational video. You may also send an e-mail to [umats@ctd.northwestern.edu~OR call 847/491-3782, extension 3.

The OLMS school code is:  8500077 and Candyce Switzer is the school contact person.  

Here are a few things to consider:

LMS receives paper registration copies in the fall, but it is much easier for you to register on-line.  

Participating in the testing is a personal choice... it may not be for everyone.  Some of the benefits of taking it include knowing what to focus on to improve the student's scores when s/he takes it in high school. If you wonder if your child should take the test, you know your child best, so please discuss the options with her/him and make a decision as a family.
If you enroll your child, talk with your child about the test and what it means... historically, scores of students in middle school for math and science might be lower because they have not been exposed to the curriculum yet.  Some children have test anxiety so talking about it beforehand can help with this.

It is probably best to choose a smaller testing location.  The students will likely take this test with high school students, so it is less intimidating to take it in a smaller testing location.  Let us know if you have questions or concerns!  We are happy to help!

If your child has attended any of the summer programs offered through NUMATS,
please email me & let me know about her/his experience.    


Online SAT and ACT practice tests available online
To help students prepare for the SAT / ACT, you can send them to INFOhio’s Learning Express Library for free practice tests, not only for the ACT and SAT, but also for many Advanced Placement tests. Students will need to log into INFOhio’s Learning Express to create an account and keep track of their work. www.infohio.org 


Where will I find a focus on RIGOR & VIGOR  in tour standards?

Accurate & Ethical Information
  • Close Reading & Deep Reading by Annotating Text
  • Categorize with Graphic Organizers
  • Synthesize through your own eyes into unique product
Informational Text: Complex organization; abstract, dense language; extensive discipline-specific content knowledge
  • Literary Text: Multiple layers of complex meaning & narrative structure; many shifts in point of view; frequent manipulations of time & sequence; abstract language; multiple, complex, sophisticated themes, many references/allusions to other texts/cultural elements
  • Many references/citations to other texts, theories, etc.
  • Evidence
  • Defend

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